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Just a quick update. BeIn Sports new online players works pretty well. I assume languages for Premier league have actually been blocked by the Premier League or Sky and BT strong-arming. But the languages for F1 for example can be changed on the Arabic channels. So on the TV, it’s Du and Etisalat that don’t allow changing of the languages when available which is extremely frustrating especially since Champions League’s coming up!

BeIn Sports Review:

I’m sick and tired of hearing this week in week out. Richard Keys going on and on about BeIN Sports being the best sports channel in the world.

Well it’s not! It had potential to do so. But, they just can’t seem to do anything right. I had no issues with them a couple of years ago when they started broadcasting the Premier League under the Al Jazeera brand. I had a subscription on cable as well as on their online platform (BeIN connect).

I payed a quarterly subscription and had no issues. Until the World Cup came along and they didn’t broadcast any of the matches on the online platform and made consumers pay extra for a “World Cup Package” on both, cable and online. I wouldn’t have cared too much if they informed me prior to taking out money on my quarterly subscription. Apparently, because I didn’t subscribe to their newsletter I didn’t get the memo on them not broadcasting the World Cup without paying extra!

Anyway, I managed to swindle my money back with PayPal having my back.

Issue number 2: Half way through the last season after Sky and BT strong armed them they decided without letting anyone knowing that they would only broadcast only one 3PM game a week! I’d understand if we were residing in the UK, but, games aren’t a train ride away for us out here! On top of that they stopped showing any Premier league game on their online platform until quite recently.

To be fair to them they’ve put all the 3PM games back on TV and Online! Oh wait, apart from one channel broadcasting one of the games in English. The language option on cable doesn’t work anymore even though all the games have English commentary no one can watch games in English unless it’s on the English channel.

I tried to change the languages on the online platform, didn’t work either this is the response I got back from them;

“We would like to inform you that with the new UPDATE of the Flash player, the option of the Audio commentary got change and the channels commentary language is fixed ..”

Yup, they’re crap.

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